Mi Ju

June 17 - July 9, 2016

”You look like goddamn rat pack!”
- Lauren Bacall in 1955, unintentionally naming the infamous Hollywood crew featured in the original Ocean’s Eleven.

Sinatra pulled one in 1960 – Clooney pulled one in 2001 – Poulsen will pull one in 2016!
In 1960, Frank Sinatra assembled the Rat Pack as he embodied the role of Danny Ocean, the most charismatic charmer in Las Vegas, in the original Ocean’s Eleven, where he and his accomplices masterfully executed an elaborate heist in the biggest casinos in town. George Clooney followed in his footsteps in 2001, when he and his crew of sidekicks yet again let Ocean’s Eleven out on the loose in Las Vegas, armed with ambitious plans and devious tricks.

Inspired by these cult films, Gallery Poulsen has handpicked his own dream team of the most astute and charismatic artists to commit a carefully planned heist, carried out in one single night! The stakes are high, but the risk worthwhile, because Poulsen’s Fifteen are equipped with both wit, impeccable style and razor-sharp talent, in order to get away with committing a brazenly good coup on June 17th in the Meatpacking district of Copenhagen.

As a meticulous screenplay, our plot commences with a refined explosion of masterpieces, thoroughly created by our fifteen skillful pros and executed with military precision. In elegant recklessness, they each present fresh new works, directly from their studios in New York. But don’t be fooled by their alluring charm, these experts know exactly what they are doing. Not one brush stroke is arbitrary.

We are firmly led through one calculated piece after the other. As always, Tom Sanford masterfully creates an almost cinematic universe on canvas in distinct pop art style with The Godfather as a rigorous icon. Mi Ju knows exactly how to draw the attention with a boom of coloristic dimensions. Her exuberant medley of patterns and shapes are both chaotic and fascinating. With the power of eloquence, William Powhida determines his role as the word equilibrist of the group with his sharp, satirical piece ”Why Artists Are Terrible”. Nicola Verlato’s intense painting ”Studio Visit” shows in somber tones a mythical creature with a mischievous gaze, heralding something afoot.

These are just a few of our entire sly gang of artists. Together they occupy the crime scene with each their striking, distinctive style. Their common denominators are perfectionist execution, complex compositions and endless levels of vivid detail, accentuating each work and the artist behind it.

We must confess that we will not blackout the city, nor will we be robbing any casinos on this night. We can, however, guarantee to steal everyone’s attention with this exclusive exhibition of unique and captivating masterpieces. Meet Poulsen’s Fifteen at the opening, where John Jacobsmeyer, Jacob Dahlstrup, Tom Sanford, Abigail Schmidt, Nicola Verlato and Jean-Pierre Roy will be present.

You are in for an outstanding visual experience; so let yourselves loose, because Poulsen’s Fifteen will keep the cards close. What happens in the Meatpacking stays in the Meatpacking!

Poulsen’s Fifteen consist of: Aaron Johnson, Abigail Schmidt, Christian Rex van Minnen, Eric White, Jacob Dahlstrup, Jean-Pierre Roy, John Jacobsmeyer, Margaret Bowland, Mi Ju, Mu Pan, Nicola Verlato, Stephen Vollo, Stig Stasig, Tom Sanford and William Powhida.

The exhibition presents 24 works on canvas, paper, panel and photogravure.

Contact the gallery on info@gallerypoulsen.com or tel. + 45 33 33 93 96 for further information.