Mi Ju

April 20-22, 2018

ART BUSAN, which was launched in 2012 with the purpose of transforming Busan into the city of art and culture, has held a variety of exhibitions introducing the current and future trends of contemporary art, and it has now become the largest nationwide art festival.
ART BUSAN has served as an art platform which actively responded to changes in the art market and introduced original programs based on its own vision. It has also strived to promote the excellence of Korean artists and discover new artists and introduce them to the global art market through a number of special and collaborating exhibitions.
ART BUSAN will make a continuous effort to cement its place as the nation’s most lovable and representative art fair and also it will do its utmost to become an art fair that collectors yearn to visit and receives wide attention from the international market.
Culture is an important factor in determining the brand of a nation. ART BUSAN believes in the artistic prowess of Korean art and will provide full attention and support of art lovers as well as that of local citizens, ART BUSAN shall become the most beloved art fair in the art world.
President, Artshow Busan Association, Inc.
SOHN Younghee